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The trend is your friend

“The trend is your friend” has become one of the most popular market sayings, but the true saying actually goes like this: “The trend is your friend until the end, when it bends.” In other words, the secret to buying a share is to be patient through the small fluctuations in price until you can identify the point when the trend triggers a change in direction, or “bends”. Read more [...]
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PSG Wealth Daily Investment Update 19 December 2014

JSE surges 4.25% higher on bullish global market sentiment The Nikkei Index gained strongly on Friday on the back of Wall Street’s best two days since late 2011 The Hang Seng Index extended its broad gains on Friday, bolstered by a rally on Wall Street European markets surged higher on Thursday after the Greek stock exchange jumped higher The Dow surged the most since 2011, while the S&P 500 Index had its best two-day gain in three years The JSE All Share Index bounced back Read more [...]

PSG Wealth Daily Investment Update 18 December 2014

Markets rally on the Fed's upbeat comments on US economy Japan's Nikkei share average surged higher on Thursday The Hang Seng Index climbed higher on Thursday after five days of losses European markets recovered late on Wednesday on the back of a rebound in energy stocks US stock markets, bond yields and the dollar rallied on the Federal Reserve’s statement The JSE All Share Index ended lower on Wednesday with gold mining shares leading the downside The rand traded at low levels Read more [...]

PSG Wealth Daily Investment Update 17 December 2014

Russian rouble tumbles The Nikkei Index climbed higher on Wednesday with firmer export-related shares ignoring a stronger yen The Hong Kong index slipped lower on Wednesday with the price gap on dual-listed shares widening European markets recovered in late trading on Tuesday as the Russian rouble rebounded US markets dropped for a third straight session in volatile trading on Tuesday The JSE All Share Index closed lower on Monday in quiet trade ahead of the public holiday The Read more [...]

PSG Wealth Daily Investment Update 15 December 2014

Investors spooked by continued market declines The Nikkei Index is trading in negative territory on Monday despite a weaker yen The Hang Seng Index dropped on Monday after investors sold financials and telecommunications shares European markets tumbled lower on Friday, posting their biggest weekly loss since mid-2011 US markets closed sharply lower on Friday as investors moved out equity markets The JSE ended at seven-week lows on Friday with platinum, banking and financial shares Read more [...]

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