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Wealth Simplified July 2014

WEALTH SIMPLIFIED Wednesday, 30th July 2014 NEWS UPCOMING EVENTS Investment Club Day- At the JSE 2nd July 2014 Book Now Webinar - Investment Strategy: Asset Allocation 6th August 2014 Book Now Webinar - What is technical analysis 11th August 2014 Book Now Webinar - Developing a trading strategy 19th August 2014 Book Now Webinar - Technical Analysis: Bar Charts 20th August 2014 Book Now Webinar - The Rational Read more [...]

The Traders View

It has been an interesting week We are coming to the end of what has been an exciting and volatile week on global markets, with the Bank of Japan surprising markets this morning with a more accommodative monetary policy, sending the Nikkei 4.83% higher on the close. This follows a day where US quarter-on-quarter GDP figures also surprised to the upside with general positive sentiment overflowing. Where to from here Short lived? Maybe... We’ve recovered roughly half of what we’ve lost in Read more [...]
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Monthly report: November 2014

Markets suddenly declined sharply in October.The change in sentiment was unexpected and can be attributed to matters that, although familiar to us for some time, have not had a significant impact on markets until now. Suddenly the threat of ISIS and Ebola have become a factor. The sanctions against Russia are grinding, and Europe is feeling the pinch in particular. The sharp decline in the oil price is partly due to a lower demand worldwide and similarly the decline in commodity prices can be attributed Read more [...]
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Beware emails asking you to change banking or payment details

FRAUD ALERT: NEW SCAM A new scam to get companies or sole proprietors to change the banking or payment details of their suppliers has emerged, and several businesses have been caught out. How the scam works Typically, you receive an email (or conventional letter) supposedly on your supplier's letterhead. This could include a bogus invoice for work performed around an existing claim, or for a service performed. You may even recognise the person's name that sent you the email. But is it actually Read more [...]
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PSG Flexible and Balanced Fund – stellar returns and excellent risk management

PSG Flexible Fund We follow strict selection protocols when choosing which equities to invest in Jan Mouton has managed the PSG Flexible Fund for nearly ten years. During this time, the Fund has won three Raging Bull awards for best-in-sector performance. The PSG Flexible Fund has two areas of focus: returns and risk management. To achieve and exceed the benchmark of inflation plus 6%, the Fund needs a significant allocation to equities (this has averaged 75% since Jan started managing it). Read more [...]
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The law of attraction for foreign investments

Take your money, instead of your family, abroad One of the universal laws of success is the Law of Attraction, which states that you attract the positive or negative events in your life. Were you drawn to this article because you’re considering offshore investment? This is not surprising, as South Africa’s economic outlook continues to be grim. The rand has weakened considerably on the back of weaker fundamentals such as the current account deficit and the slow economic growth rate. Over the Read more [...]
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